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By: Hastin_Thomas     At: 2012-08-03
220% honor, 20 diamonds upper limit and 30 Exp Potions for free everyday, that's what makes the Force Attack so unique and special. Gather up your outstanding heroes and join the Fight.
By: Hastin_Thomas     At: 2012-07-24
Most players complain about gold shortage. Now you can get a bunch of gold. You can even gain up 128000 gold eveyday.
By: Hastin_Thomas     At: 2012-07-12
Do you feel trapped by the lack of gold? Don't get upset. Here's a chance to get rid of it! During the event, you can get extra gold by Tax Immediately.
By: Hastin_e0amkkt     At: 2012-05-18
Starting from last week, more and more warriors joined War of Troy, the latest strategy online game themed in ancient greek in which you are going to recruit your own heroes and take down all the othe ...
By: admin     At: 2012-04-27
If you know a little bit about Greek Mythology, the following story may finds you well. Helen was the most beautiful woman that mankind had set eyes on, being the child born from the union between Zeu ...
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